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Installation works involving equipment included in the proposal, must of necessity, take place in a clean environment. For this reason Display Manager Ltd strongly recommends that all other trades will have completed their works in the room(s) and left a dust-free environment. (Warranties may be invalidated if equipment is not installed in a suitable environment).


All Audio Visual equipment is valuable and delicate. Display Manager Ltd will deliver equipment to site at an appropriate time and request that a secure storage location is provided to both prevent damage to the equipment and potential loss.


At the point of delivery to site the responsibility for the safe keeping of said equipment transfers to the client.


Display Manager Ltd will advise against installation of the equipment if site conditions are not suitable. Future system reliability is a major concern and if the conditions cause us to question the advisability of continuing the installation, then we will bring this concern to the attention of the customer.


It is important to note that once the installation and training dates are mutually agreed that every effort is made by the customer to adhere to agreed timescales. Postponement at short notice will result in a surcharge and/or long delays due to other scheduled commitments of Display Manager Ltd.


Where the scheduled installation or provision of a service is postponed at the request, or due to the needs, of the customer or its contractors, or where the site is not ready when installation has been scheduled, Display Manager Ltd will charge postponement fees according to the following table (based on normal working days)

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