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As audio visual technology continues to advance at pace it is Display Manager's responsibility to remain at the forefront of that technology to enable us to offer the best advice to our clients for today and into the future. To ensure we remain at the forefront of technology our staff regularly attend all major exhibitions and have regular meetings with manufacturers to understand their road maps. 


Our independence and impartiality allows us to offer the best advice on future trends in the AV systems market place and our agile culture enables us to embrace the latest technology as it becomes available, ensuring that the audio visual systems we provide for you are the most up to date, reliable and cost effective as possible with the longest possible life cycle. 



Display Manager can integrate intelligent audio solutions into any commercial environment for conferencing, events, collaboration, presentations and productions. Our skills and experience includes, but not limited to:

  • Acoustic design, sound reinforcement, and programmed audio.

  • Audio echo cancellation in meeting spaces. 

  • Noise filters in open collaboration areas.

  • Audio distribution and processing. 

  • Public address systems.

  • Video and audio conference sound systems with integrated microphones and digital audio processing for echo cancellation and feedback elimination in a any size or configuration of conference and meeting rooms. 

  • Large auditorium sound systems with delegate amplification and simultaneous translation. 


We design the visual technology to enable you to communicate clearly to your audience. Visual display technology is advancing all the time and at Display Manager we make sure we are at the forefront of these advancements enabling us to provide the best advice when integrating a visual display into your facilities. We survey your facilities or building plans and advise on the best technology and resolution to use to provide the image required for the area concerned so that as many delegates or visitors as possible can clearly see the information displayed. Technologies we work in include, but are not limited to:

  • LED and OLED monitors and displays.

  • Projection technologies.

  • Video wall solutions.

  • Interactive touch screens.

  • Laser phosphor displays.

  • Projection cubes.


To simplify the operation of the audio visual systems Display Manager can advise, design, supply and integrate control solutions to provide a unified user experience that is easy to use, maintain and support as well as being flexible to accommodate new technologies thus providing an element of future proofing and maximising the return on investment.


Whether it is a simple single meeting room or a complex networked campus system controlling the AV solutions in numerous different types of facilities, Display Manager can seamlessly integrate this into your building management system and with our in house programmers, provide the user with as simplistic or all encompassing control as required. Our accreditation and close communication with control systems manufacturers enable us to advise you on the most appropriate and cost effective solutions for your Audio Visual control systems needs.


The switching and distribution of audio visual signals is becoming more complex as we switch to an age of digital signals of ever increasing resolution placing higher demands on available bandwidth of cables and networks. Display Manager’s emphasis is on ensuring that the signals you wish to switch or distribute can be done so at the correct resolution as seamlessly as possible and thus providing the best visual and audio experience possible.


We liaise closely with all manufacturers and discuss their road maps to understand future trends in signal standards and insure that the systems integrated will support new standards  as they continues to develop. Whether it’s a complex AVIP network requiring multicast solutions, an HDbaseT or digital or analogue visual or audio signal distribution we can advise you on the most cost effective and reliable solutions to best fit your purposes.


Since our inception in 1996 Display Manager has been at the forefront of the development of digital signage platforms managing in excess of 2000 displays for our customers. Whether it’s advice on a digital signage platform, the implementation of an on premise or cloud based communication solution, or the creation and management of your content, Display Manager can provide a complete service for your signage, way-finding and scheduling needs. Our unique digital signage solutions and room booking offer an excellent first impression for your customers when visiting your premises.


Display Manager are experienced in working with clients to provide unified communication solutions. We can provide seamless integration of your mail, instant messaging, document collaboration, web based and traditional audio and video conferencing regardless of your chosen back office solution and legacy conferencing systems.


Our expertise is in bringing your desktop experience seamlessly into the meeting environment whether on premise or cloud based, with local or remote delegates, to make communication within your organisation or to clients and other business partners as simple and as unified as possible. Contact us for a free consultation on this fast moving and expanding technology to see how we can help you to communicate more effectively.

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