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Providing 24/7 help desk facility manned by experienced AV support engineers

Display Manager offer a 24/7 help desk facility manned by experienced AV support engineers. Our Dtools service desk manages support tickets and provides full reporting to our clients of the progress of their support request. Utilising on line room monitoring systems we are often able to report issues prior to faults being witnessed on site ensuring system downtime is minimised and your investment is protected.


Display Manager can also offer permanent on site support staff whether on a permanent or temporary basis, full or part time. These support technicians are permanent members of Display Manager staff and can provide on site support for meetings, set up and take down of equipment for specific events, provide user support and training, and first line support for any equipment failure. Display Manager provide this as a guaranteed service with temporary replacement staff for sick or annual leave being provided. The benefits of outsourcing this service are:

Highly trained and motivated staff as first line support minimising potential system downtime.

No recruitment fees.

No loss of coverage for vacation, sick leave or down time when staff are replaced.

No training or handover requirements.

No PAYE or National Insurance administration and no employer’s NI contributions.

No HR issues such as disciplinary, grievance procedures or employment tribunals.


Please contact Display Manager to discuss this option further. We can offer 10, 20 or 40 hours per location per week.

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