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Professional, integrated solution for video conferencing spaces.

Display Manager’s expertise and experience in the design, supply and integration of total audio visual solutions for conference rooms is second to none. In over 20 years of providing this service throughout the UK and mainland Europe we have installed in excess of 1000 solutions for corporate clients providing presentation systems, video conference systems and collaboration systems that are easy to operate, reliable and scalable to enable integration of the technologies of the future.


Our most advanced systems integrate with the office calendar system where a video conference call can be initiated 15 minutes before a meeting is due to start and emailing the meeting host to confirm that the connection is made and the meeting can commence as soon as the delegates arrive. 

Chameleon TV

Display Manager are proud to launch a new concept in presentation systems for boardrooms and conference rooms. Chameleon TV blends the screen to the background of the room environment until it’s required for presentation purposes. Architects and designers love the concept of the display facilities having no impact on the aesthetics of the space and the “magical” appearance of the display screen adds to the wow factor of the presentation. Add to this the integration of microphones and speakers into the ceiling and you have a virtually invisible audio visual solution that is instantly available at a touch of a button.



Play Video

The video shows the boardroom of Grosvenor Estates in their office in 70 Grosvenor St, London.

Contact Display Manager to find out more about professional, integrated AV solutions for conference rooms.

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