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Are you back at work but it's not business as usual? 

At Display Manager we have some great solutions for the new 'normal'. 

Your client remains open and everyone remains safe.

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Protect your staff and customers with our unique Hand Sanitiser stations

  • Simple and easy to use USB plug and play media player - insert USB into the display, the screen will then start showing your media in a continuous loop.

  • 10" and 22" PCAP touch screens

  • Free standing and wall mounted options

  • Auto Dispense via the built-in IR sensor - number of dispensing times can be adjusted

  • Clean, safe and completely touch free to avoid cross infection

  • 10 point touch screen offers a safe and sanitised display - ideal for Visitor Management Systems or online links to the latest WHO and NHS websites, or your own website.

  • Cloud Digital Signage and Pump Reports Display - schedule and upload media content instantly and view pump usage and set notifications when it's running low. 


You will be required to practice social distancing when you reopen.  How will you enforce it?

We can work with you to create and deliver the perfect solution for your clients workplace, monitoring office and meeting space capacity as well as queues in busy area.

  • Our 'Total Capacity Management' TCM detects people entering and exiting an office - it works across single or multiple doorways

  • We can transmit data to a large display for real-time management

  • This camera-based solution manages traffic at your entrances and ensures that you are adhering to your new reduced capacity

  • Our platform also includes reporting for historic corporate and insurance compliance.


  • Queue Management provides a ’LIVE’ view of your queuing environment for the safety of Staff, Customers and Guests.

  • Helping to maintain social distancing at the reception, lift lobby, service desk or any queue

  • We display real-time information to Security and Management ensuring they have time to proact, we also record this information historically for reporting purposes.


  • Zones, such as meeting rooms or common areas inside your of visitors and staff by monitoring occupancy within pre-defined Capacity Alert Prevention (CAPS) uses ‘Location’ data to ensure the 

  • We monitor actual performance of these Zones and predict likely scenarios including 'Warning' approaching capacity, 'Caution' high capacity and 'Breach' over capacity.

  • We use these statuses to provide alerts in the form of real-time displays (dashboards) or SMS or Email notifications as well as an output to an API for addition integration.

Contact Display Manager today for your back to work solutions

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